Hikari Featured in Hey! Digital Magazine #4

Hikari is one of the featured artists in this month's HEY! Digital Magazine #4, now available to order here!

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Hikari's feature samples her most recent solo exhibitions, as well as an in depth interview on how she percieves her own work: "I’m often categorized as a Pop Surrealist artist, which is a trend originally rom the United States and in which I never actually aspired to participate."

"The Japanese pop subculture that I belong to and naturally identify with is actually on the rise but note that it is distinct from the “Superflat” movement led by Takashi Murakami because its more deeply anchored in Japanese culture.” Adding, “I hope my works offer another perspective of the world.”

HEY! modern art & pop culture is a quarterly bilingual publication presenting since its start an artistic landscape little or never represented in France. The editors share, "The outlook of works and artists presented in the magazine is often ignored by the academic radars of art criticism, placing it at a distance from a hegemonic, industrial and commercial culture built with the aim of entertaining... Today HEY! brings together a large network of artists in the world."

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