Hikari at SCOPE Art Show New York

Hikari's art is on view at SCOPE Art Show in New York this weekend! You can find her paintings Whereabouts of God #30 and Nobody #2 on display over at Corey Helford Gallery booth# 009. Her paintings first debuted in Hikari's solo exhibitions at the gallery in 2017 and 2018.

Whereabouts of God - Nobody #2
Oil on canvas
51 1/2" x 63 3/4"

For purchase inquiries, please contact the gallery at [email protected]

Hikari shares: ""Whereabouts of God" is an ongoing series begun after the Great East Japan Earthquake and accident of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant occurred in March 2011. The scars shown on the characters’ necks represent a sort of "Chernobyl necklace"... I painted these scars as warnings about the future, while the twinkling stars around the scar represent my personal, happier wishes for our future. I have expanded on this series here to include characters of multiple races."

Whereabouts of God #30
Oil on canvas
28.6" x 28.6"

For previews inquiries, please contact the gallery at [email protected]

"The first works of my series “Whereabouts of God” were inspired by the nuclear accident of Fukushima, a problem that could have occurred anywhere and to anyone on the planet. This is why the children in this series are of multiple races. They are not anyone in particular, thus the titles “nobody”, and represent all people of the planet at the same time."

SCOPE Art Show in New York is on view March 7th-10th and is located at:

Metropolitan Pavilion
25 W 18th St
New York, NY 10011

For tickets and full details, head over to scope-art.com.