Megumi Ogita Gallery "Portraits" Exhibition

On May 14th, Hikari Shimoda will unveil a new series of portraits with Megumi Ogita Gallery in Tokyo, Japan. The exhibition marks Hikari's return to Japan since her Asahi Art Museum exhibition in 2018. The new series is a a part of the gallery's "Portraits" Exhibition, also featuring new works by Hebru Brantley, Michael Sowa, Satoru Koizumi, Kengo Nakamura and Issei Otani.

All New Open Edition Prints at Eyes on Walls!

Eyes on Walls released all new open edition art prints today!! Check out some of the new prints below! Open editions are un-signed & un-numbered prints made to order, reproduced in full color and individually approved by Hikari.

Limited Wood Prints Available Today for Pre-Order

Happy March everyone! Hikari Shimoda's popular pair "Stand Up Hero" and "Stand Up Savior" are now available as a special set of limited edition wood prints!  This release marks the "White Day" holiday in Japan, one month after Valentine's Day. Prints go on sale for pre-order today, March 1st, starting at 6PM PST / March 2nd, 10AM Hong Kong time. They are exclusively available through Apportfolio and sold separately.