Hikari Shimoda's "Recyling Humanity" Opens in Los Angeles

It has been almost two years since Hikari Shimoda's debut solo exhibition with Corey Helford Gallery, and we are very happy to share her latest body of work for her second solo titled, "Recycling Humanity" at the new Corey Helford's Gallery 2 space in Los Angeles.

Hikiar's exhibition will feature seventeen new paintings, as well as her original graphite studies, and they are unlike anything she's ever created before. There's a great interview with Hikari at Hi-Fructose Magazine's blog that talks about the inspiration and process behind her show, which will also debut two new series: "Children on the Edge" and "Children of Emptiness".

However, the show is much more than her portraits of starry-eyed children, it's also an expression of Hikari's own feelings regarding the Great East Japan Earthquake, Fukushima Nuclear accident, combined with her love for fantasy, emotions, and philosophy. 

She says, "Our world is filled with many opposite pairs of things; there’s “happiness” on the opposite side of “unhappiness” or “despair.” What that means is that our world is one of chaos that has numerous faces. We recognize this world only from one side, because many things become invisible when seen from just one position. This work expresses these feelings of mine.” Many of her paintings are also based on personal experiences of traveling abroad over the past year, and being introduced to the English language.

Hikari stepped out of her comfort zone to produce works with more abstact details, such as spray paint motifs, and more depth of color and expressiveness in her subjects' faces. The children in this series are "anyone who just exists. So, they could also exist beyond the realm of being children, and identify with anyone who might appreciate them. Those children who are wearing a vacant expression of despair and solitude are mirroring the emotions of the people who look at them.”

For previews, pricing and purchase of the paintings, please contact: Corey Helford Gallery, [email protected]. For any press, interview or other questions, please contact us at [email protected].

Hikari will be in attendance for her opening tomorrow, on January 16th, and hopes to see many of you there!