Children of This Planet #38 Dichroic Sculpture by Avant Arte

Available today, April 20th, Avant Arte introduces this stunning sculpture inspired by Hikari Shimoda's original work, Children of This Planet #38. The piece is a splendid Dichroic resin bust with eyes finished in metal paint and is limited only to 50 editions. See more photos of the sculpture below!

Children of This Planet #38
Edition of 50
11.8in x 9.8in x 7.5in
Dichroic resin bust with eyes finished in metal paint.
Individually signed and numbered on a felt layer on the bottom of the work.

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About the sculpture, Avant Arte shares: "Hikari Shimoda unites fantasy and reality in a starry-eyed dichroic sculpture. With her art, Shimoda searches for a deeper understanding of our chaotic world. Anonymous subjects from her portrait series Children of This Planet cannot be defined by their skin colour or environment. Similarly, an edition of dichroic sculptures with a surface imitating vivid glass elude one specific form or colour. Emotion is held within the subject's sparkling eyes, while a pair of horns represent the fury and despair felt on Earth. Through its transparency, the work becomes a mirror of its viewer – allowing anyone to imagine themselves within it."

For more information, please visit Avant Arte online.